Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I'm back, Jack!


Finally got my domain and email back. This site will now go to www.gorillajoe.net and my old email of askjoe@gorillajoe.net are both back and fully activated! Save em, use em, you know what to do. Want to drop me a line or ask me a question, you can use the email or hit me up on Twitter.

Any news or updates will be posted here and/or on Twitter. This site also has my archive of YouTube videos or podcasts up on the top, along with my web store if you want a shirt or hoodie with my dumb ass face on it.

For those that think I abandoned them or left them in the wind, that was not my intention and I'm sorry, I just had to get some things straight and take a break. But I'm here now yall!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Word From Joe: Episode 28 "Ego" Script

As most you cats know, that last episode I did of 'A Word From Joe' on YouTube was EP27 "Addicts" about 3 years ago. Can't believe so much time has passed. I did have another episode written and ready to record but never got around to it as we had gotten so busy with the podcast, and then I finally hung up my hat from it all. But, as I have recently been going through all my old material, I did find that script and would like to share it with you now. You will, however, have to imagine the pictures and video clips as they were intended to be inserted as I normally would in my vids. Enjoy! (Also, most the links below do not work any more, current links are on my blog site.)

A Word From Joe: Episode 28 "Ego"

"Oh shit! Gorilla Joe in the house with another episode of ‘A Word From Joe.’ Been a minute yall. For those in the know, I now have a live talk show that I host with some other cats on Friday nights, and that is what I have been putting a lot of my time and effort into. You can join us on Friday nights at 8pm Pacific, 11pm Eastern time at spreaker.com/user/gorillajoe and at blogtalkradio.com/gorillajoe, or listen to the podcast anytime for free on iTunes, Windows Marketplace, TuneIn and now at Stitcher. We are all over the fucking place, spreading some knowledge, fun and laughs to the masses. If you want to help or show support for my vids or the podcast, pick up a t-shirt at my webstore at gorillajoe.spreadshirt.com. Anyways, that’s enough sucking my own dick; it’s time to get this shit rolling again. If you want to hit me, email a nigga at askjoe@gorillajoe.net or at the email link at my webpage at GorillaJoe.net. Got an email here about some serious shit that say …

Dear Gorilla Joe,

I am so fed up with seeing such awful, egotistical people in the world and on movies, news and TV shows. Everywhere you look is some moronic, self-obsessed, sociopathic, narcissistic psychopath with an ego complex, but we just call them “celebrities.” What is the deal with that man, and what causes that behavior?

Thanks Joe!

Eddie King
Richmond, VA

Well Ed, your species and culture has always flocked to celebrities even if what they did or had to say wasn’t even relevant. If it was someone known for something that they did and lots of people knew of them, then that nigga blew up and others talked about and admired them. Even if it’s someone that did something bad, the fact that they are known and infamous for an action or event, they are given celebrity status. That nigga Hitler was a piece of shit murdering fuck head hate monger, but if he was still alive, his Facebook would be filled with tons of morons and “likes,” same as some other no good waste of flesh, organs and air online. (slideshow of celebrities)

To get down to it, a person purposely tries to become famous because they think they can do something better than others, has something they need to say, or just wants to be in the limelight despite not having any talents what so ever. (pic Kim Kardashian) These things in themselves root from an ego, including the that shit what I do. There is a part of the brain that tells you that you have it, are special, or can do it better than anyone else can. That can either come from believing in yourself and having the ability or an inflated ego telling you that you are better and deserve it, but it’s all just a sense of ego in a person’s mind.

Two ways to divide your mind is the conscience and sub-conscience. Within those two parts live the Id, the ego, and the super-ego. These three parts are responsible for a lot of people’s actions, behaviors, fears, comments, abilities, creeds, beliefs, ideas, thoughts, and inner-monologue. Most people are puppets to one, a couple or all three. It’s very hard not to follow one or more. Only someone like Buddha or Gandhi could control that shit. But, they do make up who you are, what you do and what you believe. Unlike your astrological horoscopes, which I talked about in another episode, that shit does NOT make up who you are OR your actions, so take responsibility for your actions and stop saying shit like your “sign” made you do it because of what day and month you were squeezed out at. The mind, however, does control you and you can either follow it or learn to control it. Shit, I’m working on this shit my self homies, but we can work on this shit together.

To break this shit down, the Id is like all of your basic or animalistic instincts. That nigga the Id can tell you to steal some shit, eat something, run, act out, knock a nigga out, or basically impulsive behavior most commonly seen acted by children and animals as they are ruled by the Id. The ID also lives in the sub-conscience and mainly exists for basic survival needs and is not aware of the real world on its own and also has no conscience and only lives for please itself.

Then you have your Ego, which can be looked at as your cognizant self which tries to process what is real in your environment and relays that to the Id and helps with making decisions. Freud said that "The ego is that part of the id which has been modified by the direct influence of the external world. The ego represents what may be called reason and common sense, in contrast to the id, which contains the passions.” Your ego will also help you to determine perception, judgment, tolerance, self-esteem, self-worth, control, planning, defense, processing information, intelligence, and memory. Basically, when you are talking about “you” or yourself, then you are referring to your ego.

And, if you want to find out how big your ego is, see how often you say “I”, “me”, “myself”, and also how often you ask about other people and how they are and what they are up to. If you talking about yourself, you selfish, and have an ego like a mutha fucka!

Lastly, you have that nigga the Super-Ego; which can be seen as the voice of your culture, family teachings and inspiration, conscience, morals, spiritual teachings, and ideology. When you are talking to yourself or trying to convince yourself, motivate or even discourage or dissuade yourself; that is your Super-Ego that you are talking to. That nigga can help you or hurt you depending on what shit they are saying. Depending on how you were raised, taught, guided, conditioned, or believe; those things will be echoed from your Super-Ego to influence your Ego in what to do or believe.

Another great example of three at work in your mind is from one of my favorite shows “Dexter.” You could look at his “Dark Passenger” as his Id, his need to kill or impulsive actions. Then there is Dexter, which is the Ego, the one that interacts with the real world, makes decisions, processes information for the Id and Super-Ego, and is the cognizant self experiencing the world. And then there is Harry, the ghost of his dead foster father that acts like his conscience, guide or motivator would be his Super-Ego, always whispering in his ear what he should or shouldn’t do depending on how he was raised or what he thinks that Dexter would do. In the end, Dexter makes the decisions and actions but for the most part is guided but either his Dark Passenger or Harry. In the end of the show, SPOILER ALERT, he comes to terms with everything and decides to controls his impulses and actions and make up his own damned mind, comes to peace as an entire whole and removing the Dark Passenger and Harry, or his Id and Super-Ego in the process. Deep shit yall! The Matrix too can be looked at like that, such as the machines were the Id, Zion was the real world, and the Super-Ego is The Matrix itself. One tried to devoir or control the others, but there was not peace until all three came to a truce and lived together to co-exist as one, in harmony. (Clip, Message)

Now, how does this affect celebrities and people you see in the media? Immensely! These people are the product of their Id, Ego, and Super-Ego to some degree. Depending on what they do or believe is due to one or more of the three. Understanding how the mind works can help us better grasps a person’s actions or thoughts. You could also say that people act on basic survival skills such as positive and negative stimuli from their surrounding environment. A cell in a positive environment will try to prosper, live, grow, feed, and reproduce. A cell in a negative environment will go into “fight or flight mode, panic, attack, not produce, live in fear and die. You hairless monkeys respond the same way. As love and fear are the two most powerful emotions and are polar opposites, they are a great basis of positive and negative environments. If a person is basing their actions, thoughts and desires off of fear, then they will act out, cower, seek attention, be apathetic, selfish, under-develop, panic, stress, steal, attack, or even kill. Some people live in fear of being ignored or not noticed so they will do whatever they can to invoke a response no matter if it is positive or negative response, they just feed off of the attention itself. This can also be a subconscious reaction unaware to the person and derived from their ego and/or super-ego guiding them in what to do, or their Id doing what it thinks it needs to to survive. Also, you have people that act out due to what is called “ego defense mechanisms” that is caused by when their ego feels threatened or that someone is attacking their ego or Super-Ego, they act irrational and pretty much like an ass hole or a douchbag, to say the least. On the other hand, a person living in a positive loving environment will care for others, be selfless, empathetic, compassionate, help others, share, be at peace and more level headed to take on anything that may come to them, When you have inner peace, you are in a better place mentally to create a peaceful place around you and others will prosper as well.

In the end, we need to see why people do things and for what reasons. A lot of people you see in the media will have an agenda and do what they must to achieve it. Other musicians or actors will do and say things depending on what part of the mind they are responding from, their environment growing up, and their intentions. Ask yourself, are they doing it for attention? Are they trying to get a message across, and if so what is the message? Are they doing it out of fear or love? Are they doing it for selfish or selfless reasons? We must do some selfish deeds so that we can control our lives and take care of ourselves, but then when we have taken care of ourselves, we can take care of others and help all living things. What divides you from people that do things for their own reasons or causes, is that if you do something to help someone or something else that you do it out of the kindness and love of your heart, and without having to announce these actions to the world. A good person or being does good to put good out into the world and without want nor reward but in doing the action itself. If you do some shit and go around and have to tell everyone, then that shit don’t can’t and you did it only for publicity and attention. Some people do good things for the wrong reasons. Try to do good things for the right reason. If we could all learn to live and control our actions, control our Id/Ego/Super-Ego, stimulate and practice love and peace then maybe all of us creatures on this fucked up floating rock rotating a star have a chance. Pay it forward. We are all fucking stuck here together so let’s try to get through this shit together too. Ya feel me?

“Once you understand non-self, then the burden of life is gone. You'll be at peace with the world. When you see beyond self, we no longer cling to happiness and we can truly be happy. Learn to let go without struggle, simply let go, be just as you are - no holding on, no attachments...free.”
-Ajahn Chah-

And on that note, I’m out this bitch. Peace!"

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Years 2017!

Happy New Years/Earth Orbit!!

Lots of people are glad to have 2016 behind them for many of reasons. I don't see time like that but just as another revolution around the sun. Found the script for my 'New Years PSA' video that shows a bit more detail on how time can be perceived depending on how it is measured. Enjoy!

"Sup? Gorilla Joe here with an important message about New Years. The New Years is the celebration of Earth orbiting around the sun in an ellipse. One rotation takes approximately one Earth year of 365 days, or 365 Earth rotations on a tilted axis. This also depends on what point you measure from. If you measure from the same point in the stars, that’s a “sidereal year” or 366.256 days of a 23 hour, 56 minute and 4 second day. Or, if you measure from the center of the Sun, you get 365.25 solar days, also known as a solar year. Yet the most common is known as a Tropical year, Gregorian calendar year, or vernal year, measured from the tilted Earth’s equator to the Sun, which also gives us our seasons. This type of year is 365.24 solar days and is actually 21 minutes shorter than a sidereal year. So, while you out getting tipsy, remember that time is relative and you are spinning fast as fuck on a floating rock orbiting a fucking star! So from Gorilla Joe, Happy fucking Earth Orbit mutha fuckaz, be safe and love each other!"