Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I'm back, Jack!


Finally got my domain and email back. This site will now go to www.gorillajoe.net and my old email of askjoe@gorillajoe.net are both back and fully activated! Save em, use em, you know what to do. Want to drop me a line or ask me a question, you can use the email or hit me up on Twitter.

Any news or updates will be posted here and/or on Twitter. This site also has my archive of YouTube videos or podcasts up on the top, along with my web store if you want a shirt or hoodie with my dumb ass face on it.

For those that think I abandoned them or left them in the wind, that was not my intention and I'm sorry, I just had to get some things straight and take a break. But I'm here now yall!

THE Gorilla Joe