Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Years 2017!

Happy New Years/Earth Orbit!!

Lots of people are glad to have 2016 behind them for many of reasons. I don't see time like that but just as another revolution around the sun. Found the script for my 'New Years PSA' video that shows a bit more detail on how time can be perceived depending on how it is measured. Enjoy!

"Sup? Gorilla Joe here with an important message about New Years. The New Years is the celebration of Earth orbiting around the sun in an ellipse. One rotation takes approximately one Earth year of 365 days, or 365 Earth rotations on a tilted axis. This also depends on what point you measure from. If you measure from the same point in the stars, that’s a “sidereal year” or 366.256 days of a 23 hour, 56 minute and 4 second day. Or, if you measure from the center of the Sun, you get 365.25 solar days, also known as a solar year. Yet the most common is known as a Tropical year, Gregorian calendar year, or vernal year, measured from the tilted Earth’s equator to the Sun, which also gives us our seasons. This type of year is 365.24 solar days and is actually 21 minutes shorter than a sidereal year. So, while you out getting tipsy, remember that time is relative and you are spinning fast as fuck on a floating rock orbiting a fucking star! So from Gorilla Joe, Happy fucking Earth Orbit mutha fuckaz, be safe and love each other!"